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....life of a very indecisive girl.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Being sick sucks! [18 Mar 2005|11:30pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey hey
My first day of sickness was on thur but i just had the case of running nose, sore throat, and being a bit cold. When I came home that's when my body decided to shutdown and then the sickness came in full throttle. High fever, aching body, and other ungrateful things that comes with being sick. Went to school on friday (my fever went down but i still went to school...y? i dunno ever since i was little i hate skipping school i guess that habit never died down...maybe not hate but afraid)

Im still sick now...but I'm getting better...i just wish the running nose would stop running ;_; im tired of it >_< also my throat is being a pain in the arse right now....*sighs* maybe i should take out my tonsils?? (sp??)

My best bud from santa barbara came back for her spring break yay~~! Welcome back Tifa! so i hope to have fun while she's down here...i just wish jc and uc's spring break was the same time as csu's school spring break >_< oh wellers i cant do anything about it.

Watched movies today with tricia and gian...bridget jones diary and without a paddle...^_^ had fun good tymes

Well i still have one more week of school b4 my spring break comes...so u peepz out there with spring break...dont waste it too much on sleep...go out there and do something! sleeping is just a waste...i mean yeah u need catching up but sometimes doing something worthwhile is better than sleep (even though sleep looks really good at the time) alrighty then im off to bed g'night

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

I need advice [06 Mar 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hey hey peepz!
Okay right now im a little depressed...i just realized that I always wanted to do dance but for some reason it just doesn't happen. I mean when I was a kid I took a jazz class for one year and then I stopped (I guess the reason was because I was the oldest kid in the class) I love dancing (Im not the best dancer but Im not the worst...hmm maybe i am >_<) But i dont do anything about it and I am mad at that! I looked into hip hop dance classes but since I have no money its not possible right now >_<

I want to learn but how. I would teach myself but I'm not the type of person who can do that *sighs* I don't have friends who can do hip hop or break dancing (well i have probably one but that person lives in riverside right now) so I need advice. What should I do? Just constantly go clubbing? Teach myself by watching music videos? Making friends who can do it (but exactly how do I do that?) If anyone out there has advice Im all ears ^_^

Other than that....my sewing project is going well I finished half of it. I'll show you guys the pic once its completed ^_^ soo keep on the look out :P thats about it laterz~

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

another day...but finally gonna start a hobby (i hope) [27 Feb 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | determined ]

okay this is gonna be short...my day was so-so

dl free virus scan found 93 viruses ;_;
went to art store and bought starter set for painting...anyone who can teach meeh plz help meeh ^_^;
bought fabric and pattern gian is gonna help meeh sew a pj ^_^ yay another new hobby to start
john stopped by...its been a while but had a good convo ^_^

that's about it...but if you want to know more of my days in details or ur bored just click below ^_^

click here to find out more!Collapse )

laterz peepz!

Swimming through Waters

An eventful day [27 Feb 2005|01:35am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey hey pplz,
hehehe im trying to update frequently so here i am updating my day :P i'll try and keep it short so u guys be on with ur day:

went to crown pt mission beach (around 3ish) to the JSS (Japanese Student Society) and JSA (Japanese Student Assocation) BBQ/bonfire. Man there was a lot of meat. We also did an japanese traditional summer event thingy where we take a person blindfold him/her....spin him/her...and then the person has to find the watermelon (the audience is the guide) and smash it! ^_^ good times

Gian did some acrobatic thingy (not really >_<;) but if u want to know the details just ask him ^_^;... howz ur knee babe??... Then gian and I did a hula hoop contest, see who can hula hoop the longest, I won! but it was tuff competition because gian did this really funny pose while he hula hooped and i was lmao...but i survived yay

Never drown a palette with a lighter fluid because it wont last at all! u may wonder y drown it, u only need a little (which is true) but for some reason the palette wouldn't get itself on fire :P so people drowned it in lighter fluid (just to get it started)...took a while but mission accomplished! we went through 12 palettes in 3 hrs....man that doesn't seem right >_< (but i think it was only 8 but i wasn't counting so i could be off)

came home around 8:15. meeh and fish boy watched shallow hal...movie was pretty interesting has some visitors stop by (ryan and jammila) but left because ryan is allergic to cats >_< but learned that they went to watch...dumm dumm daaahhh~~~~ the son of the mask!! i was shocked....shame shame u guys! u know better...but they had a reason (no not the make out which would've been a good reason but jammila had sibilings with her so they had to see a kids show...but there were better shows like winne dixie or winni the pooh's movie) and then my day ended ^_^

okay that's about it...sorry the long post ;_; i need to make it shorter or more exciting >_< i want to post pictures but another time because im too lazy to load it on the comp now :P ja ne pplz!

have a good day ^_^

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

jeez will i ever update more often [25 Feb 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey hey peepz!

yup its been a while again since i last updated...maybe i should do a long~ once a month update but who would want to read a super long post! >_< just takes up too much time...i really need to do more updates..newayz here are the updates:

....dratz well i really can't remember what i did this whole month so im gonna sum it up the best i can .....

school:not bad, getting better with kanji but bad in grammar, classes are okay for now

life: i need to find a hobby, anime is kewl but i found out my love for it isn't as strong as it was before i left to japan, i never thought that my addiction to anime would die down...but it did a whole lot! who would've thought....i feel like im doing a lot more things now and not sitting around the house most of the day...thank goodness...but i still need a hobby...so i thought about painting...but let's see if i will actually go through with it ^_^;

project: im planning on doing a video project. A tour of san diego(with a storyline) so i can send it over to my friends in japan, just to show them what san diego looks like. so if anyone has any ideas or want to be in the project just give meeh a call ^_^ all is welcome!

today: went shopping with gian, got some kewl stuff for italy people, caught some fish (gian's fish since he's changing from freshwater to saltwater) and gave 'em to elizabeth...i just hope her fish gets along with gian's fish... went over to a shinobu's house, helped cooked yakisoba but all i did was cut ONE onion :P there were soo many people helping i couldn't do much but i did see gian cut carrots and onions and he got teary eyed...awww...newayz thats it for my adventure...oh wait there is more!

adventure: coming home from the 5 south and halfway a police car was zigging and zagging on the freeway...i really hope i would see a huge accident or something kewl (yes accident's and out of the norm stuff attracts meeh..call meeh heartless or just noisy <--- another sp mistake?) but in the end nothing happened...i still dont know what the reason was because i didn't see any accidents or heard any hellicoptors...*shrugs* oh well.

okay lady's and gent's that was yet another long~ update from ur's truly >_< let's hope i can do better by updating more! g'night!

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

HAPPY 3 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY [31 Jan 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Hey babe!
Happy 3 months anniversary woot woot!

Sorry I couldn't do anything special on our anniversary.

But wow. 3 months. Its the longest I've ever been in a relationship. Thank you for sticking with meeh when im grouchy , indecisive , etc, etc. Im very glad to have met you. I wouldn't have guessed you would be my boyfriend if I asked myself 2 yrs ago. lol.

Its nice when we talk about the past, the things we did, and plan for the things we should do in the future. I have so much fun when im around you. You make meeh happy. Thank you for making meeh laugh and putting a smile on my face. I have learned many new (and sometimes unusual) things from you...thank you very very much. I am very grateful that I am with you...makes meeh wonder if i even deserve you. what do you think babe? do i?

Let's keep on going babe!

Your the best! *kiss*

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

In school for 12 hrs a day (in school now *tear*) [27 Jan 2005|02:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey hey everyone

well yes its been a while since i updated >_>. Okay here is a brief update.

1)Went snowboarding (awesome time! must do again)
2)School started ( -_- );
3)Got a job (working at SDSU bookstore yay)..okay here is where my stress comes in...

during the first week of school my schedule was working from 4-10:30 on M,T 4-10 W, 4-9:30 TH 9:45-3:15 Sat. (heavy sighs) i was basically in school for 12 hrs cause my class starts around 8 ish (on T,Th) or 10 ish (M,W) and i would finish 2pm and wait and work and by the time i get home its like 11ish and im waayyy too tired to study (but wait some of you people might think 'y is she studying its only the 1st week of school' the reason is JAPANESE CLASS!

Okay on the first day of school my teacher told us to study around 68 Kanji and she would choose a couple and we don't know what she would choose!(the worst is she's not gonna use all of them) ;_; and kanji's is my weak point.

But Im getting use to the schedule. Im actually studying during my breaks (which is a big change cause im a huge procrastinator) so meeh getting a job might be a good thing ^_^ also i haven't been on AIM nor on the computer all this week! (a first) but i hope my job schedule dies down soon because I know my other classes will be assigning hmwk soon ;_;

4)Renewed my schedule (i think this is not bad...was gonna take 3 japanese class but im just gonna take 2. i really REALLY need to finish my GE courses ;_; cursed! i should've gotten those out of the way first!)

5)Read 5 people you meet in heaven (a really good book..thanx vinnalyn! aka vinh ^_^) I recommend it but try and get regular font because vinh got meeh LARGE FONT hahahahhaha i was surprised when i saw it...made meeh feel like a grandma >_<; and its kinda embarrassing reading in public

6)Went to L.A to see the human body museum with Gian and Maryann (it was pretty fun but kinda got tiring toward the end...the place is pretty huge...but are u guys ready for the human body part 2? i sure am! let's go..anyone else wanna join in on the fun?)

7)THE BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN 2005 (so far that is) I drove from IRVINE to SAN DIEGO! *tears of joy* some of you say 'thats no biggie' it is for meeh...because the car i was driving was a *dan dan dummmmmm......* A MANUEL! yes not an auto (too easy) but a manuel! ;_; it was scary at first but i did it...i can now drive a manuel (but i still need practice) one of my new year's resolution has been achieved! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BABY! *feel the magic music playing in the background*(thanx babe for letting meeh drive your car ^_^)

okay sorry i said a brief update and it turned out kinda long (that's what i get for not updating frequently)

Okay everyone let's do our best this semester! ^_^

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

finally an update [08 Jan 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I was suppose to post this Jan. 4 but i was really sleepy and helping out with gian's lj layout then at the last minute i decided to post it when im more awake...im glad i didn't post it because i was still logged in as gian's name >_<

Hey hey everyone!
well its been a couple of days since i haven't updated...what have i done u may wonder (well probably you haven't wondered at all...its okay *sniff sniff* :P) well lets see....been playing with my DS and messin with feel the magic.
*silence* okay gian was right...this game is pretty kewl (its awesome..the mini games are very addicting) so anyone who owns a DS should buy it...its worth it.

Today I went to Fry's. I got myself a DVD 16x dual layer burner for only 70 bucks! (internal) yup and a couple of dvdr's for pretty cheap price (esp 25 blank dvd's for 1.25! yup only 1.25 but unfortunately its only one per customer >_<). But sorry folks the sale ended today..or rather yesterday Jan. 04.
For the people out there who doesn't know meeh...im very indecisive >_< can't make decisions at all..or i can but it will take meeh FOR-EV-VER. Im surprised Gian wasn't annoyed by it *phew* most people would be! It took meeh...i dunno maybe 10-20 just to figure out which headset i want for my cellphone!-_- *sighs* i cant get rid of this bad habit but im glad that gian isn't annoyed by it ^_^ thanks babe!

Oh if you guys haven't noticed I kinda changed the theme of my LJ! so i guess im doing one of my resolutions which is html...its actually kinda fun ^_^ THANKX AGAIN GIAN! ^_^ ur very helpful!

OHHH~~~ *tears of joy* IM FINALLY A JUNIOR! >_< im just a yr and a semester behind but finally FINALLY IM A JUNIOR! u dunno how good it feels! when people ask you what year you are i would say "Im a senior but in credit im a sophomore..*silence* *person looks at meeh funny* oh! its because i went a yr abroad so im a yr behind" >_< when they give you that look 'huh u only have a sophomore credit and yet ur a senior' makes meeh feel a bit dumb. but then i gotta explain to them that i went a yr abroad yadda yadda yadda...well now i can say im a senior with junior credit! woot woot.

Last semester i passed all my class with B~! ^_^ well i still dunno my grade for one of my class but its kewl... ^_^ im happy with the result! (to my surprise..actually i thought i would get C's instead of B's)
Okay ive rambled enough..its like 2:30 in the morning..i felt like i should update on my LJ make it a habit u know. I don't want to abandon it. well everyone have a good nights rest and enjoy your vacation (well those of you who still have it ^_^) im off to la la land~~~

oyasumi (goodnight in japanese)

okay now for another update...Today i installed my dvd burner!yay...tried and it no problems was found ^_^ now i can finally burn an anime series(which is usually 25 ep) onto one dvd ^_^ how kewl is that. jennice is over here and she's playing her star ocean which looks pretty good but the voice dubbing is pretty bad (i think >_<)...gian is here to help/teach meeh how to install my burner(he's teaching meeh so much i feel bad because i can't teach him anything ineteresting except japanese but that's really difficult)..then i kinda watched the Chargers game today *sighs* such a disappointment. I can't believe the 3 plays they ruined in the overtime! I mean c'mon atleast get some yards down if you let a rookie fg kicker kick. >_< i mean in the stats the ONLY rookie fg kicker who actually made the 40 yard fg at a over time was in SUPER BOWL 5! >_<

okay other updates:

On thur went to Boomers with Maryann, Patricia, Vinh, and Gian ^_^. It was tons of fun. They had a great deal at boomers when we went! im soo glad we went ^_^ it was tons of fun ESPECIALLY GO KARTS! >_< now i know meeh and gian should never have our date at Boomers....we are just tooo competitive. talking about dates... umm GIAN WHEN IS OUR FIRST DATE GONNA BE? :P But if anyone wants to go to Boomers on a Tue or Thur. call meeh ^_^ we'll go before school starts! it would be a good memory and a good way to spend the winter break! *yay*

okay i guess that's basically it...sorry for the super long update..i'll try and update more frequently..im trying to think of a new layout for my lj (or improve it atleast) so hopefully i'll come up with sumthing creative ^_^ lets cross our fingers! okay then minnasan (everyone in japanese) have a restful night~~~~
<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

HAPPY NEW YEAR! [01 Jan 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]


Translate it to "Happy New Year" in Japanese ^_^


How kewl is that! awesome if you ask meeh! well lets hope I can keep this up..unlike my xanga *silence* i dont want to remember it..painful (actually it was meeh just being lazy and did only what... 2 maybe 3 entries... i think)

I wish everyone a good 2005 year.

My resolutions:
1. dont procrastinate (*heavy sighs* i feel like i have already/gonna soon fail it)
2. study hard (y do i choose the impossible tasks )
3. learn new things like html, drive manual, play instrument, and etc. (maybe i should make a list of what i have accomplished this year and see if i can do better the next year...will i actually do this.. *long silence* to tell you the truth probably not *sighs*
4. have fun in life (thats easy...right?)

phew made it before it was the end of the day :::time: 11:58:::

<3 Somewherethe Swimming through Waters

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